Collagen: “Injectable” At Last

Collagen is an ingredient we lose over time and know we need, therefore the chase to replace it is all the rage. But the molecular weight holds us back -- until now. Droplette uses fluid physics to make collagen droplets as tiny as possible, so at-home “injections” are suddenly achievable.

You know when a product is on the shelves of Neiman Marcus and Trader Joe’s, in multiple forms of lotions and powders, a full-blown, high-low fad has crept its way into our society. This is the case with collagen. Simultaneously buzz-worthy and cringe-worthy, everyone seems to understand not only that this ingredient is important, but also that it might be a hoax.

Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin, giving it strength and shape. It’s like the frame of the mattress, if elastin and hyaluronic acid are the springs and stuffing. We lose it over time, and around age 25, our body’s natural production of collagen slows significantly. No wonder we are trying to replenish our supply any way we can! The problem is, however, that collagen breaks down into amino acids once ingested, and there is little reason to believe that these amino acids will make their way to our skin when our major muscles and organs take priority. Furthermore, collagen has a large molecular weight, so it is impossible for it to be absorbed topically. A collagen formulation applied topically may hold in moisture as will most anything that covers your skin's surface, but it isn't delivery anything into the structure of your skin.

But Droplette is changing the game. Because Droplette shrinks the droplet size of ingredients to become as tiny as possible, it is clinically proven to deliver collagen directly into skin where plumping and structure are needed, which is a true breakthrough. In the past, dermatologists have been able to do the same with needles, but required allergy tests and frequent replenishment doses made the treatment unsustainable. These days, the only option for collagen injections is to reinject your own collagen fibroblasts after expensive biopsies. The treatment is involved and cost prohibitive, which has made dermatological collagen fall by the wayside.

But Droplette is bringing it back, better than ever, as an over-the-counter option. Just look at this before and after image of a patient with a concave scar on his forehead. This is after a single Droplette treatment (0.5 mL of a collagen-water solution delivered over 30 seconds), and you can see the instantly reduced appearance of his wrinkle:

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