How Droplette Fits Into Your Routine

Adopting a new product -- especially a device -- into your tried-and-true skincare routine can feel funny at first. We recommend retaining several important steps we hope you are already following, such as cleansing and protecting from the sun, and using Droplette in the place of a serum, mask, or similar treatment product.

Droplette is designed for many functions (and more are coming soon), but it won’t replace your entire medicine cabinet. Think of Droplette when you’re trying to treat an issue below the surface -- or when an ingredient needs to penetrate -- so usually we’re for your needs beyond simple hydration. To simplify matters, we work best in the middle of your routine, where you might have previously used a serum, essence, mask, or mist.

We still recommend cleansing your skin as you would otherwise. Creams, gels, oils all work well to remove debris and makeup from your complexion, and this is an important step. From here, physical exfoliation is fine too, as long as you are using gentle, circular granules that won’t damage your skin. This step helps to shed dead cells from the surface of your skin, smoothing the surface and creating a refined canvas for the treatments to come.

This is where Droplette comes in. In our launch collection, we are offering 3 Starter Sets with 4 debut formulas: 2 for anti-aging (Collagen and Retinol), 1 for blemishes (Glycolic), and 1 for hyperpigmentation (Arbutin). We encourage you to choose the one(s) that best address your skincare concerns, keeping various other capsules on hand for the occasional issue. Apply our simple, uncomplicated formulas through our device, hovering over the contours of your face, and dispense until your capsule empties. Repeat as necessary.

Complete your routine with an occlusive moisturizer to help lock in hydration, as moisture loss prevention is still important, and we always recommend sunscreen during daytime hours, especially if you are using a Retinol at night.

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