Droplette: Skincare Breakthrough, by Accident

Some of the most life-changing scientific breakthroughs occur by chance, and such is the case with Droplette. Founders Rathi Srinivas and Madhavi Gavini were experimenting with drug delivery, but it was only after several successful trials that they realized the potential for their invention in the beauty space.

Droplette is an accidental beauty device. It was invented to solve the high clinical priority of painless and localized topical drug delivery, as scientists and doctors agree that most compounds -- especially those with higher molecular weights -- never penetrate the skin. So when mathematician Madhavi Gavini and chemical engineer Rathi Srinivas approached this problem with a physics mindset, they intended to figure out how to administer substances such as antibiotics and steroids through skin, to avoid alternatives like painful injections and risky systematic deliveries. It wasn’t until their device worked that they let their minds wander to the over-the-counter world of skincare.

The breakthrough came when Madhavi and Rathi figured out that they could combine mechanical and electrical components to generate sub-micron, ingredient-loaded droplets that penetrate skin deeply without pain (or, really, much sensation at all). Experimental data (in vitro and animal studies) has shown that Droplette technology can penetrate actives effectively into skin without causing any damage to the skin surface or affecting the functionality of the ingredient. This effect is even more incredible considering the device operates without direct skin contact, which makes it easy to use and applicable over large surface areas. Pilot first-in-human studies have shown that delivery of sterile water through Droplette is up to 50% more effective than topical application.

Droplette was designed with clinician input and is small, handheld, battery-operated and lightweight. It takes ingredient capsules, much like a coffee machine, which ensures correct dosage and concentrations with every use. Because each capsule is sealed, Droplette formulas don’t include any “fluff” that traditional serums do: no emulsifiers, emollients, fragrances, stabilizers, or toxic preservatives. The blends are simple, effective, and based on proven dermatological pillars such as Retinol, Collagen, and Glycolic Acid. No pain, all gain.

The company has already attracted investment from Nasa, Amgen, and other pharmaceutical companies, as its medical applications are apparent, but the surprise business channel has become cosmetic skincare.

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