Stop All Topicals? Not ALL, but Most.

Are all topical products pointless? Not exactly. While serums, lotions, and masks are ineffective at delivering ingredients into skin, occlusive moisturizers help prevent moisture loss, which is important for younger-looking skin. Just choose wisely and remember that your skin is an excellent barrier.

Perhaps because of hope, we seem to lose our wits when we shop for skincare. Logically, most of us seem to understand that our skin is a barrier -- but shrewd beauty marketers manage to make us forget this fact. But think of taking a bath or going swimming. We’re guessing you don’t emerge from this experience bloated with liquid that has absorbed through your pores. We stay protected and intact, thanks to our brilliant biggest organ: skin. It behaves the same way when we apply topical skincare treatments, especially emulsions blended with water. Almost nothing gets in, because skin is good at its job.

This isn’t to say that all topical ointments are pointless. Occlusive substances, such as petroleum jelly, create even more of a barrier on top of the skin, which locks in existing moisture and assists with hydration by default. Similarly, moisturizers with oils and ceramides soothe skin by making sure water doesn’t escape, which is indeed helpful. But prevention is all that topical skincare can achieve; without a pathway through the skin, it can’t deliver anything new. The point? When choosing topicals, stick with the thick.

To elaborate, topical therapy is limited by molecular weight. Compounds larger than 500 Daltons do not penetrate the skin at all, rendering many helpful actives undeliverable by topical means. Current workarounds resort to painful injections that cannot cover surface areas, or systemic delivery which can result in potentially dangerous side effects.

Hence, Droplette is a much-needed advancement in medicine and cosmetics. Now, with this device, it’s possible to painlessly deliver several classes of molecules including retinols, collagen, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, antibiotics, steroids, and even chemotherapeutics deep through skin while covering a large surface area. Droplette is the only low-force, painless, and needle-free topical delivery device on the market, and we think it’s a literal breakthrough.

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