The Science Behind Droplette

~90% of the topicals we apply to our skin never absorb. Sadly, most skincare products go to waste, even though the ingredients within are clinically proven in lab settings. Droplette is changing dermatological standards with its namesake device, which makes ingredient droplets as tiny as possible for deep delivery into skin, quickly and painlessly.

While most of us buy into the idea that all those skincare products on the market must do something, scientists understand that most molecules in topical treatments fail to break through the skin’s barrier and absorb. That’s right: dermatological ingredients work, but only if they make their way into skin...and they usually don’t.

It’s estimated that 90% of the ointments, serums, and oils we apply never achieve anything at all. Truly. They are wiped off, sweated off, or they evaporate before seeping into the skin. Think about your own experiences with topical treatments in your medicine cabinet, particularly sprays. You have probably witnessed the molecules “coalescing,” or creating puddles on the skin’s surface. This is typical, and part of the reason why topical treatments -- let’s just be honest -- are a waste. Unfortunately, most of the general public doesn’t yet accept this truth. It’s insane that the skincare industry is still thriving without any real innovation in delivery systems.

Until now. Droplette is a revolutionary device with the ability to do something unheard of: to deliver large molecular weight ingredients into skin, painlessly. The device works by leveraging a phenomenon in fluid physics, which creates the tiniest droplets possible of ingredients, and ensures that they remain separated from each other enough to sneak through pores. Droplette transforms liquids into an enhanced mist with droplets that are 100 times smaller than the width of a single hair! So although the droplets are accelerated and moving fast, the mist feels gentle and cooling when it hits skin, and the actives actually penetrate so they can work. It’s the first of its kind, and a huge step forward for dermatology.

Imagine the benefits of proven over-the-counter ingredients such as Retinol and Glycolic Acid if they can actually reach the layers of skin they intend to treat. Never again should you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for lotions and serums that don’t stand a chance. Droplette means skincare, delivered. Likely for the first time.

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