Extra, Extra: Unnecessary Ingredients in Topicals

Consumers judge their products on the overall experience, not just the active ingredients or eventual results. Therefore, chemists and brands include unfamiliar chemicals to improve attributes such as texture, slipperiness, emolliency, and scent. Droplette, on the other hand, bypasses the “on skin” step completely, simply delivering actives into skin via a dry mist. The upshot? We can take out the stuff you don’t need.

It’s common knowledge that beauty product ingredient listings are gibberish. Usually they go on forever, are full of unpronounceable chemicals, and more closely resemble industrial solvents versus pure essential oils. Even “natural” products include unrecognizable ingredients, so much so that websites like EWG and other ingredient glossaries exist.

Why is this? Often, chemists incorporate ingredients with which we aren’t familiar to improve the user’s overall experience with the product, meaning the texture, slip, thickness, emolliency and fragrance of a topical product. Even if the active ingredients within a product are tried-and-true, we tend to base our opinion of products on the cosmetic factors. After all, beauty products should make us feel beautiful, right? At Droplette, we understand this principle, but we are also happy that our product’s design and function allow us to remove these superfluous ingredients.

Droplette operates much like a single-cup coffee maker: the user inserts a capsule of the formula she wishes to use, and then turns on her device and uses the capsule until it’s empty. The capsules remain hygienically sealed until device insertion, and because nothing administered via a Droplette remains on the surface of the skin, our system takes away the need for “fluffy” cosmetic ingredients that improve traditional measures such as silkiness, drydown, and scent. We include only what your skin needs, and nothing more. We aren’t offering a less-than experience; instead, think of Droplette formulations as fewer, better.

Moreover, our sealed capsules allow for even more extensive ingredient list reductions, as we don’t need to include the same levels of preservatives as other products. Most lotions and serums need to be able to survive consistent exposure to air, light, and even water, hence some of the scarier sounding ingredients on your products’ labels. Droplette’s methodology is different, so we don’t have to consider the same risk factors. Our preservatives are mild and precautionary only, so you can finally feel like you know what you’re applying to (or in our case, through) your skin.

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