Why Not All Natural? Good Question.

Natural, organic, clean: all buzz-worthy, exciting trends in modern skincare. But are these characteristics still the ultimate goal when delivery into skin is guaranteed? Droplette is taking necessary precautions to make sure that we are delivering safe, effective actives -- just what you need, and nothing more.

We respect and appreciate the recent innovations in the skincare industry to encourage adoption of more natural and organic products. It’s true that some research pieces about endocrine disruption and environmental toxicity are concerning, and we could all make more of an effort to clean up our lifestyles. But for Droplette, as a medical and cosmetic company, it makes the most sense to exist at the intersection of science and nature, taking the best parts of both and blending them together into something revolutionary.

There are several reasons why Droplette doesn’t feel comfortable including only all-natural actives in our skincare solutions. For starters, our device delivers ingredients deep into the skin, therefore we need to ensure that those substances we're infusing through skin are pure and safe. Skincare products without effective preservative systems risk the development of dangerous microbes, especially since Droplette’s formulas are usually water-based to allow for administration through our device. Perhaps weaker preservatives are permissible in cosmetics that sit on the surface, but since we know our droplets penetrate, we need to be extra careful.

Another concern with deeper delivery is skin tolerance and reactions. Natural ingredients are associated with more variable skin flare-ups, as users’ seasonal and plant allergies vary. Since it isn’t as simple as wiping off our skincare formulas once delivered, we believe the most responsible choice is to use clinically-tested, tried-and-true ingredients that are widely known to be well tolerated.

This isn’t to say, however, that we are ignoring the value of natural ingredients all together. Wherever possible, we are opting for naturally-derived, botanically-sourced actives to be our heroes. This goes for our collagen, glycolic, vitamin C, and even our arbutin. When the natural “cousin” of a synthetic ingredient is available and proven to be safe and effective, we are happy to go the extra mile to source, formulate with, and pay for this alternative.

Additionally, we are thrilled to be working with Rose Oil in our anti-aging formulation, for its beautiful skin-balancing and -evening properties, and we strongly believe in capsule recycling through our send-back program.

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