Droplette: A Better Way To Spray

Is Spray-Based Beauty Safe?

With aerosol spray products all over the beauty industry, we’re going to take a wild guess and say you’ve used one in your routine at some point. And while these sprays may make application simpler, they’re not always pleasant to use. (Think walking into a cloud of just-spritzed hairspray.) 

But beyond the experience itself, scientists and consumers alike have begun to question the possible risk of these misting products on our lungs. Studies surrounding aerosols have shown some risk related to inhalation of harsh propellant chemicals into the lungs‚ and in turn, the bloodstream. 

A Better Misting Method

If you’re concerned, we get it—but we’re here to tell you that not all spray cosmetics are created equal. The main feature of Droplette’s unique technology is an innovative mechanism that creates a high-velocity mist without the use of harmful aerosol techniques. This not only increases the efficacy of our formulations by 60%, but it also makes it a lot safer than traditional sprays.

Unlike aersosol spray products, Droplette products are all water-based and unpressurized. Instead, the device harnesses fluid dynamics and a piezoelectric transducer (essentially a miniature flour sifter for droplets) to create the powerful mist of tiny droplets that enables optimal delivery of the formulations. And the fact that our formulations are based in water with an evaporative nature greatly reduces any possible danger to your lungs.

The Right Way To Apply

In order to confirm this further, we conducted studies with Droplette to measure the potential risk. Subjects held the device in front of an open mouth for one minute while the mechanism created the mist as it would during proper application. However, even directly in front of a respiratory pathway, the results showed minimal risk below the 1.5% inhalation threshold. 

Of course, Droplette does not recommend holding the device in front of your mouth for ideal results. Instead, the device should be held close to one area of the skin with the mouth closed as the device releases the formula in 15-second intervals. As you pass from one treatment area to the next, there are short breaks between each mist, further heightening the safety factor.

The low inhalation risk, proper application, and unique mechanism ensure that your lungs are safe from any harmful molecules—making the risk of any damage smaller than the droplets themselves.

Gentle On Skin, Too

Droplette isn’t just better for your lungs; it’s also safer for your skin than formulas with penetration enhancers. By harnessing the fluid dynamics mentioned earlier, the Droplette device doesn’t need these chemical enhancers. Instead, the piezoelectric transducer vibrates to convert the encapsulated formulas into droplets ready for mist ejection. 

Paired with the micro-sized droplets is the fact that they’re released at a powerful velocity. As these small but mighty droplets travel towards the skin, their speed allows them to sneak into the pores and absorb beyond skin’s surface layer 60% more effectively than other topical products. But despite this accelerated speed, the droplets have no damaging effects to the surface layer, and are actually quite soothing. 

With the powerful physics behind Droplette, you can finally leave harmful propellants behind and give your skin the benefit of deep ingredient penetration without the concern of inhalation risks. It’s time to stop worrying and start focusing on taking your skincare routine to the next level.

The bottom line

When choosing topicals, stick with formulas that are thick (and don’t forget sunscreen). But to really get the most out of active skincare ingredients, discover Droplette: the only low-force, painless, needle-free topical delivery device on the market. It’s quite literally a skincare breakthrough!

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