How Droplette Fits Into Your Routine

Adding a new product—especially a device—into your trusted skincare routine can take some getting used to. But incorporating Droplette doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Although it has a variety of uses (with more on the way), it won’t replace your entire bathroom cabinet. Instead, think of Droplette as a solution beyond basic hydration that treats issues below the surface, when you really need the ingredients to penetrate. 

Droplette fits best in the middle of your routine, where you might have previously used a serum, essence, mask, or mist. Here’s how we recommend working it in:

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse your skin as you normally would: cream, gel, and oil cleansers all work well to remove debris and makeup from your complexion, which is an important step.

Step 2: Exfoliate

If you choose to physically exfoliate, use gentle, circular granules that won’t damage your skin. This step helps to shed dead cells from skin’s surface, creating a smooth, refined canvas for treatments that follow.

Step 3: Treat With Droplette

Give your skin a deeply penetrating dose of actives with Droplette. Available in 3 Starter Sets, each comes with the device and formulation capsules targeted for various concerns: anti-aging (with collagen and retinol), blemishes (with glycolic), and hyperpigmentation (with arbutin). Choose the one that best addresses your needs, and keep other capsules on hand for occasional issues. Just insert your capsule into the device and hover over the contours of your face until it’s empty. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 4: Moisturize

Complete your routine with an occlusive moisturizer (a thick formula that helps lock in hydration and prevent moisture loss). During the day, we also recommend sunscreen, especially if you’re using a retinol at night.

As you can see, Droplette is an easy-to-use device that fits seamlessly into your existing routine. It’s a simple step that will step up your results in a big way!

The bottom line

When choosing topicals, stick with formulas that are thick (and don’t forget sunscreen). But to really get the most out of active skincare ingredients, discover Droplette: the only low-force, painless, needle-free topical delivery device on the market. It’s quite literally a skincare breakthrough!

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