Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my Droplette Device?

Your device will arrive partially charged. When you see the LED light on the device blinking yellow, it's time to charge again. Droplette charges on a wireless charging dock. The dock is a USB-enabled, universal voltage charger, so simply place your device on the dock to charge. A fully charged device has an average battery life of 80 capsule cycles, so you don't need to charge it daily (and you can even it take it on the go without its charger.) Warning: Please don't charge near water.

How do I register my Droplette Device

Register your Droplette on the Droplette app, available in the Apple App Store. Make sure to have your device turned on and near your phone, and enable Bluetooth on your phone to ensure seamless pairing.

Why should I register my Droplette Device?

We recommend device registration to ensure a stellar customer service experience, and also to help us learn from your usage to improve Droplette overall. You will benefit by being able to liaise with a Droplette scientist to select the best capsule combinations for your skin. You can also track your capsule usage and results, gain early access to new formulas, and troubleshoot any potential hiccups.

When do I use my Droplette?

Droplette is a novel skincare device that delivers active ingredients deep into your skin, so use your device and the appropriate capsules as you would a serum, essence, or mask. In other words, we fit best in between cleansing and moisturizing/applying SPF. Please note that we recommend our Retinol capsules for evening use only.

How do I use my Droplette Device?

1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled to sync with the app.
2. Insert single-use capsule you wish to use. Close capsule door. (A tip is to use the door to guide the capsule down into place.)
3. Hold device directly up to clean, bare face. About a half-inch away is ideal, but we recommend even closer with our Glycolic capsule.
4. Turn on the device and slowly move mist around your face in your circular motions. We recommend going in this order for the device's 3 15-second intervals: right cheek to chin, left cheek to chin, and then forehead.
5. When cycle ends, eject the capsule and set it aside for recycling.
6. Continue with your routine.

How do I store my Droplette Device? 

It’s best to store your device in a cool, dry location with the mist dispensing panel facing down. Of course, storing on your charging dock will ensure your device is always charged and ready for use.

Droplette Device

Can I use Droplette around the eye area?

While we don’t recommend spraying anything via Droplette directly into your eyes, yes, you can use your Droplette device around your eye area. If any irritation occurs, as is more likely with exfoliating ingredients such as our Glycolic capsule formula, stop use immediately and consult your Droplette (or any) dermatologist.

Can I use Droplette if I've had a cosmetic procedure such as Botox or hyaluronic acid treatments?

Yes, although we recommend waiting 24 hours after these procedures to allow skin some recovery time in between ingredient “injections.”

Can I use Droplette if I have acne, eczema or other skin conditions?

Yes, please consult us via the app or website for specific recommendations. Just bear in mind that certain formulas may tingle more than others if lower layers of skin are exposed, such as with eczema.

Can Droplette replace makeup removers?

No, Droplette formulations are not intended to remove makeup. Please remove your makeup in the traditional way

How do I clean Droplette?

We include cleaning capsules in every capsule box, which we recommend using once per week. Consistent cleaning will ensure that your device remains operational and unclogged. Note: our cleaning capsules contain alcohol, so they aren't appropriate for skin.

Which facial cleansers can be used with Droplette?

Any facial cleansers that remove dirt, debris, and makeup.

Which topical products should I keep using with Droplette?

We still recommend an effective cleanser and moisturizer morning and night. For daytime, don’t forget SPF.


Is there any difference between capsule colors?

Yes. Our launch collection includes:
0.15% Retinol capsules (red, meant for anti-aging/smoothing)
10.0% Collagen capsules (yellow, meant for hydrating/plumping)
8.0% Glycolic capsules (pink, meant for resurfacing/glowing)
Cleaning capsules (light blue, for keeping your device in tip-top shape)

What are the differences between the capsules?

The ingredients within the capsules vary to address different skin types and needs.

0.15% Retinol capsules (red, meant for anti-aging/smoothing)
10.0% Collagen capsules (yellow, meant for hydrating/plumping)
8.0% Glycolic capsules (pink, meant for resurfacing/glowing)

Cleaning capsules (light blue, for keeping your device in tip-top shape)

Please use our Shop feature to find the capsules right for you, or use our App to consult a Droplette scientist.

Can I use Droplette capsules with other serums and creams?

Yes, and as much as we want to be your only skincare must-have, we know that you have other favorites. We recommend applying topicals in texture order, from lightest to heaviest and always using sunscreen!

Can I use the capsules if I'm also taking Accutane?

While we believe that most people can handle both simultaneously, we recommend double checking with your Droplette scientist or personal dermatologist.

Can I use Droplette if I'm pregnant?

Yes, but we recommend holding off on the Retinol capsules until you are no longer pregnant.

Can I use several Droplette capsules within my daily regimen?

Absolutely, as you know your skin best, and our capsule formulations are designed to help avoid skin irritation and reactions. We invite you to customize your capsule routine to suit your skincare goals.


Is it required to use the app with the product?

No. However, we recommend that you make an account of on the App (iOS only, Android coming soon!) and pair your device before the first time you use Droplette.. This step helps us offer better Customer Service, and also allows us to learn from your device and capsule usage to make Droplette better for everyone. You also benefit by being able to track your progress and liaise with Droplette scientists.

Where can I download the app?

The app will be available in the Apple App Store.

Is the app available on all devices?

The app is available on iOS devices only at this time. Android is coming soon!

Orders & Shipping

How can I order a Droplette?

Order your Droplette device on Click on shop now or get started to be guided through your purchase. 

How can I order additional capsules?

Additional capsules are available on the shop page.

How can I update or change my subscription?

Simply log in to your account on the site, and make your adjustments online. Alternatively, send an email to and we will make the edits for you.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

Please reach out to customer service to see if we can catch your order in the on the back end.

How do I track my order?

Check your account profile or the shipping confirmation email we send.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we are not able to ship internationally at this time. We hope to expand into more countries in the near future.

General FAQ

Do I need to charge my Droplette device 24 hours before my first use?

It’s not necessary, as the device will come partially charged, but your first full charge will equate to approximately 80 capsule cycles. Look for the yellow LED light to know when you have a low battery.

I've lost my charger, or I would like an additional one. How can I order one?

We don't currently sell them separately, but please reach out to us directly and we'll see what we can do

My Droplette device does not work and/or charge. What should I do?

Please reach out to or via our site and app’s Live Chat feature. Because you will have registered your device, we stand a decent chance of diagnosing your issue and fixing the problem quickly.

Will my charge work in different countries?

Yes, as our charger is a universal voltage adapter. You may need to adapt the plug to different sockets, but you do not need to convert the voltage.

Can I use other chargers with my Droplette device?

No, please use the provided charger to protect your Droplette investment.

How often should I charge my Droplette device?

It depends how often you are using your device, but we recommend at least once every 1-2 weeks to make sure it’s ready to go when you are.

What is Droplette's Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase from for any reason, you have 30 days from the date of shipment to request a full refund on device and any unopened capsule packages. Contact or the Live Chat feature on our site and/or app. After that time period, we will only take back capsules that are unopened. We will make every effort to help you optimize your Droplette tools to ensure you have a great experience.

How does Droplette work?

Droplette is so much more than a mist. Through a combination of fluid dynamics, the piezoelectric effect, and Fick's laws of diffusion, Droplette's inner mechanisms transform traditional water-based serums into millions of tiny, rapidly-moving droplets that can bypass the skin's barrier 20x more deeply than topicals, with no needles and no pain. It's the combination of size and velocity that allows for this unique effect, which is such a breakthrough that it has the backing of NASA, MIT, and the US Army.