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BioActive Growth Factors Set: curated by Master Esthetician Penn Smith

BioActive Growth Factors Set: curated by Master Esthetician Penn Smith

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*Our Growth Factors are non-returnable

What it is:

Curated by Master Esthetician Penn Smith, this growth factors set is derived from 100% Pure, Pharma Grade Human Stem Cells stored cold and delivered bioactive directly to consumers.

With pharma-grade concentrations of 100% pure conditioned media and line-smoothing ingredients (EGF, amino acids, advanced peptides, collagen, and argireline), our cold-shipped formulation is designed to activate your own stem cells to improve the appearance of skin. Contains (28) 100% Pharma-Grade Growth Factors capsules + (2) Device Cleaning capsules (packaged separately). Limited availability.

What it does:

The science behind growth factors is well documented and proven. They’re superhero proteins made by our bodies that drive the health of our skin cells and directly affect the physical aspects of aging. Deep in the skin, growth factors activate stem cells, reverse cell quality decline, and replace aging skin cells with new ones. These replacement cells are of a quality and health that our bodies have not produced in years or even decades.

Why it works:

Droplette’s Growth Factors formulation is 100% Pharma-Grade Conditioned Media, uniquely engineered to contain the right ratio of thousands of supporting nutrients, peptides, exosomes in the skin “reminds” stem cells to do their job.

The Droplette system is the only non-invasive way to deliver these large molecules deep into the skin, all in under a minute per day.

How to use:

Our Growth Factors formulation can be used morning or evening on clean, dry skin. For best results, we recommend using 1-2x a day.
To enhance the delivery of our Growth Factors, we recommend you download the Droplette app (only on Apple iOS for now). Our app contains new Treatment Modes and will enable you to select the optimal device settings to maximize your Droplette treatment. Growth Factors will still work well with our normal device settings, but we highly recommend you try out our preferred Growth Factors Mode

What’s in the name?
Our Growth Factors Capsules are also associated with the code GF-01. GF stands for Growth Factors (the formulation’s namesake ingredient) and 01 represents this formulation’s placement on our 0-5 Sensitivity Scale (which we’ve adopted from the standard Clinician Erythema Assessment 5-point Grading Scale). Although we acknowledge that  all skin reacts differently, we categorize this formula as VERY MILD in terms of its potential irritative effects on sensitive skin.

Fragrance-Free, AM/PM, Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Phthalate-Free.

Good to know:  

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