Droplette makes the most out of your skincare routine

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Device delivers ingredients
deep into your skin

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Capsules contain daily doses of
dermatologist-developed formulations

Ingredients Work. Topicals Don’t.

Over 90% of topicals (such as creams or serums) just sit on top of your skin: the actives never actually absorb into your skin.

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Skin as a Barrier

Our skin is intended to keep things out, not let things in. In fact, there is a thick layer of skin called the stratum corneum, which is a tightly packed set of cell layers that acts as a barrier.

As a result, only small molecules (<500 Daltons in size) ever absorb. Larger molecules get stuck because nothing is pushing them in.

Many creams have penetration enhancers which disrupt the stratum corneum to try to allow molecules in. But these often do more damage than good.

Product Diffusion Illustration


When you spread a cream or lotion on your skin, the only way for molecules to get inside is through diffusion, like an hourglass.

Diffusion is a slow process which is limited by the length that a molecule has to traverse. Even with the penetration enhancers included in topical formulations, actives are fundamentally diffusion limited.

Female with Hydrated Skin alongside skin absorbtion illustration.

Mist Technology: Smaller is Mightier

Spray-based skincare formulations are the right idea -- but until Droplette, the droplets that come from mists have been too large (sometimes as big as 1-5 mm in diameter and at least 1000X bigger than our droplets) and they don’t have a sustained source of acceleration. Instead they often have additives like propellants, which are chemicals that can be harmful.

Droplette is fundamentally different. The device has two key components to get actives deeper inside your skin: a piezo + a powerful pump.

The Piezo

Piezo illustration showing small mist droplet size

The Piezo

Meet the piezoelectric transducer, or piezo. When we put electricity through it at a certain frequency, we can make the piezo vibrate.

In our case, the piezo contains a steel mesh made of very small holes (about 4 microns in size). When the piezo vibrates, fluids go through this mesh and emerge as a mist - it is kind of like when you shake a sieve to sift flour: except that in our case, the “shaking” is due to the voltage and the “sifted flour” is the formulation being converted into an aerosol. The mist has droplets that are the same size as the mesh - so when they come out of the piezo, they’re about 4 microns in diameter.

But this piece isn’t enough on its own. This mist that comes out of the piezo alone still doesn’t have the right droplet size or other fluid mechanics properties to enable the deeper delivery that Droplette offers. But combined with the pump, it’s a breakthrough invention.

The Pump

Piezo illustration showing small mist droplet size

The Pump

  1. Size Reduction

    The pump reduces the size of the droplets. It sucks in part of the mist and expels it with high velocity. When this accelerated mist hits your skin, the droplets in it get even smaller: about 30-50 times smaller than what comes out of the piezo alone.

  2. Mist Acceleration

    The pump accelerates the aerosol. You can feel this air flow even when no mist is coming out of the device. With mist, the air flow is accelerating the droplets into a high-velocity spray to better infuse into skin. Additionally, convection from this airflow can evaporate water from the droplets, making the actives more concentrated and better able to diffuse.

  3. Barrier Effect

    The airflow of the pump also serves to very slightly disrupt your skin - just enough to enhance the delivery of molecules. This is a temporary effect (on the order of microseconds) and there is no long-term damage to the skin from it but it helps us deliver molecules deeper inside the skin.

Technical illustration showing the Droplette device pump
Droplette capsules lined up alongside each other.

Droplette Believes in Water-Based Skincare

Our formulas are completely water based, and that’s not an accident or compromise. Unlike topicals, we can actually deliver water into your skin, which is no easy feat.

Droplette delivers a high-velocity aerosol that in addition to delivering actives into skin also delivers 50% more water than can be topically absorbed. Your skin becomes ultra-hydrated. This allows you to use active ingredients that may otherwise be drying or irritating to your skin without feeling side effects that you might normally experience.

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Dermatologist-Developed Formulations

Our formulas have no penetration enhancers, but we use two key components inside our device to get actives deeper inside your skin.

Closeup of Droplette product formulas showing texture and consistency Closeup of Droplette product formulas showing texture and consistency