View from inside the Droplette 2 device, looking up to the loading door from inside the piezo pump

Smart is

Applying fluid physics to the skin

Droplette 2 delivers micromist particles at a high velocity, allowing our serums to get deep into the skin for more effective delivery of skincare ingredients.

Smart is

Premium ingredients sealed for quality delivery

Our clinical strength, dermatologist approved ingredients are sealed to maintain quality and potency of ingredients by limiting exposure to light and air.

  • Step 1: Select Your Capsule

    Choose from the Droplette serum capsules you purchased based on your skincare goals and skin needs.

  • Step 2: Insert & Micromist

    Put your serum capsule into the Droplette device, hit the power button, and enjoy a spa-like skincare routine experience in 60-seconds or less.

  • Step 3: Enjoy Your Results

    Our customers tend to see noticeable results within 3-5 weeks of consistent, daily use. Transform your skin with a smarter skincare routine.

  • Miniaturize

    Within the Droplette Microinfuser is an ultrasonic piezo containing a steel mesh made of very small holes. When the electrified, it vibrates and forces serum through it, cavitating it down into submicron-sized micro-mist particles.

  • Accelerate

    The Droplette Microinfuser’s unique pump accelerates serum particles to over 1m/s. The particles are not only moving incredibly fast, but are 30-50 times smaller than when they left the ultrasonic piezo.

  • Concentrate

    The Droplette Microinfuser’s unique aerosolization process evaporates the water base of the formulation, leaving the active ingredients more concentrated and potent.

  • Absorb

    The miniaturizing, accelerating and concentrating of skincare formulations results in a unique Fluid Physics Phenomenon that enables active skincare ingredients to pass through the tightly packed cell layers of the skin's barrier achieving deeper delivery with no needles, no damage, and no pain.

  • 6 week trial GF-01

    Measurable improvement in forehead wrinkles, appearance of scars and overall skin texture and tone.

  • 8 week trial C-01 AM, GF-01 PM

    Dramatic improvement the appearance of forehead wrinkles and fine lines under the eye. Improved evenness in skin tone and reduction in the appearance of dark spots.

  • 4 week trial Radiant Detox

    RegimenSignificant improvement in deep forehead wrinkles.

  • 4 week trial TA-02, C-01, R-02

    Measurable improvement in skin evenness and reduction in redness .

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