• How does Droplette work?

    Droplette is so much more than a mist. Through a combination of fluid dynamics, the piezoelectric effect, and Fick's laws of diffusion, Droplette's inner mechanisms transform traditional water-based serums into millions of tiny, rapidly-moving droplets that can bypass the skin's barrier 20x more deeply than topicals, with no needles and no pain. It's the combination of size and velocity that allows for this unique effect, which is such a breakthrough that it has the backing of NASA, MIT, and the US Army. Please check out our Learn pages for more information.

  • What should I expect Droplette to feel like?

    Our device makes droplets so tiny – 100x smaller than the width of a single hair – that the experience is almost imperceptible. You can expect the feeling of a gentle, subtle, soothing mist while infusing your skin 20x deeper with potent ingredients. No pain, all gain.

  • How does the recycling program work?

    We hope you’ll take advantage of the Droplette recycling program. Due to their unique design, our capsules may not be eligible for most curbside recycling programs. Please return all capsule to Droplette for proper recycling by following these steps:

    • Collect all used capsules in the recycling bag we send you

    • Check the pre-paid label for the appropriate mail carrier, and drop off recycling bag at your convenience

  • Is it safe to inhale Droplette’s mist?

    While we recommend keeping your mouth closed and perhaps even timing your breathing in between Droplette’s 15-second cycles, these suggestions are purely to avoid any discomfort and not for safety reasons. Droplette doesn’t use any chemical propellants or accelerants like traditional aerosols; our delivery system is mechanical only. Therefore, our mists are predominantly water and ingredients that already exist in nature and in your bodies, such as vitamin A (retinol). Because the droplet size is microscopic and water-based, the droplets cannot travel far at all before evaporating, making it highly unlikely that the ingredients will end up anywhere in your body. We have performed laboratory testing which is used to check for aerosol deposition in the lungs and lower airways and have confirmed that our mist cannot travel into the lungs.

  • It seems like too much of my Droplette mist is escaping into the air – is it working?

    Yes. We admit that some of the mist will escape into the air, but this is expected and does not detract from the efficacy of your treatment. We’ve accounted for this effect by over-filling our capsules beyond what you need in any single treatment, and instructing you to hold your device as close to your skin as possible – even touching the white surface gently against your skin. Considering that 90% of topicals never reach beyond the skin’s surface, the small amount of product in the air via Droplette is not problematic.

  • Does Droplette actually shrink molecules?

    No. Our innovative technology “packages” ingredients into thousands of microscopic droplets propelled by a powerful pump, which enables deep delivery of ingredients into skin. When applied topically, 90% of formulas never absorb at all; they pool on skin, and then are usually wiped off or sweated off (and the ingredients degrade) before any benefit is achieved. Droplette ensures that ingredients penetrate the skin barrier to get where they need to go to improve your skin.

  • How does Droplette penetrate skin 20x better?

    Droplette’s device can achieve deeper levels of ingredient delivery because of a unique combination of two mechanical parts within the device: a piezo (like a mesh, which makes droplets smaller), and a powerful pump (which makes them even smaller, and speeds them up while propelling them into your skin). Other misting devices on the market may have one of these parts, but the pairing is novel, patent protected, and signature to Droplette.

  • Can I use my own formulas via Droplette? Why or why not?

    We’re sorry, but you can’t. We know this is disappointing. But we have to make sure that we are selling a safe product, and we aren’t kidding about our infusion depths. Although a product you are using may feel fine on the surface, undesirable side effects can arise once that same ingredient is 20x deeper than it’s ever been before. We test our formulas extensively before launching capsules to ensure you have a positive experience. Additionally, Droplette requires specific viscosities to function properly, so thicker serums wouldn’t dispense well anyway. If you have a formula you would love to see from us, we would love to hear from you. Please email

  • Do you have before and after photos?

    Yes, and we hope you check them out! We suggest starting with our Learn pages on our site, and also checking out our Instagram account.

  • How long before I see results?

    Your mileage may vary, but our Clinical Studies and most of our reviews and before/after photos suggest that results will start to become visible as soon as two weeks after incorporating Droplette into your routine. If you are consistent with usage, and not challenging your skin with counterproductive conditions like sunburns, you should notice a difference within month 1.

  • How do I understand the Droplette Sensitivity Scale?

    Droplette’s scientists developed a 0-5 point Sensitivity Scale to incorporate into the names of Droplette serum formulations, as a guide to help users choose capsules best suited to their skin. With the below “Clinical Erythema Assessment (CEA)” scale as our guide, we are adapting a rating of 0 to mean almost no chance of irritation, and 4 to mean a high probability of superficial redness on the skin immediately after usage. This redness should dissipate within a reasonable amount of time. 

    We are the first to acknowledge that all skin reacts differently to potent ingredients, so this scale is meant as a general guide only. When shopping, please assess how sensitive your skin has been in the past, and how easily your skin burns in UV rays, and please err on the side of caution. Droplette infuses all of our actives with soothing water and other comforting ingredients, but our deeper delivery into skin means varied skin tolerance for everyone.

    As always, if you have questions or wish we offered a particular formula with a lower or higher Sensitivity Scale rating, please reach out to and let us know. We intend to grow our portfolio over time to offer ideal skin solutions for everyone.


  • What is Droplette's Return Policy? Is there a warranty?

    Your Droplette purchase includes a one year limited warranty, as defined in our Terms & Conditions. Please reach out to with any concerns about the functionality of your Droplette device and our team will be happy to assist.If you are unsatisfied with your purchase from for any reason, you have 30 days from the date of shipment to request a return on your device and/or capsule packs. We are only able to accept returns of unopened capsule boxes with no missing or used capsules. Opened and used capsule boxes will not be eligible for a refund. Contact to initiate your request. We will make every effort to help you optimize your Droplette products to ensure you have a great experience.

  • Can a dermatologist prescribe Droplette?

    While Droplette doesn’t require a medical prescription, we encourage you to ask your dermatologist about Droplette. We have several dermatologist advisors who help with our development, formulation, and regimen processes, and we appreciate doctors’ support.

  • Is there any difference between capsules / capsule colors?

    Yes. Here is a guide:

    Pink: 0.15% Retinol capsules (formerly red, meant for anti-aging/smoothing

    Yellow: 10.0% Collagen capsules (meant for hydrating/plumping)

    Green: 8.0% Glycolic capsules (formerly pink, meant for resurfacing/glowing)

    Light Blue: Cleaning capsules (for your device, not your face)

    We recently elevated our brand colors to signal our commitment to users of all abilities. Specifically, we changed our red and pink capsule colors to new shades. The previous selections were too close for those with visual impairments and color blindness. If you’ve reached out to us, we’re listening.

  • Which capsules come with the device?

    You get to choose! Once you select your device color, you will have the option of choosing your formula(s) and box size, and the pricing differences will be reflected in your Cart. We highly recommend our Regimens to take the guesswork out of your routine.

  • How do I know which capsules to order?

    We recommend considering your skin type and skincare goals. Collagen is a great place to start for hydrated, glowing skin. It’s the perfect capsule to use day and night to maintain a beautiful complexion, and because collagen on its own is too large to absorb topically, Droplette is the only way to infuse it beyond the skin’s surface. It makes a big difference.

    Then decide if you would like to tackle signs of aging (Retinol) and/or hyperpigmentation/skin texture challenges (Glycolic) more intensively. If you are having trouble deciding what to purchase and how to structure a routine, please look to one of our dermatologist-developed Regimens. Just choose the capsule set that fits your needs most accurately, and follow the continuous 2-week ‘rejuvenate-recovery’ program to see your desired results.

  • Where is Droplette sold?

    As of today, we sell only on We are considering some retail partnerships soon, so our footprint may expand in the near future. We are not currently affiliated with any particular doctor’s office, medical spa, or skincare spa/salon, so if you see Droplette products for sale at these locations, please know that these offerings are on the resale market beyond our control.

  • How can I order additional capsules?

    Additional capsules are available on our website via our subscription program.

  • Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

    Please reach out to customer service to see if we can catch your order in time.

  • How do I track my order?

    Check your account profile or the shipping confirmation email we send.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to ship internationally at this time. We hope to expand into more countries soon.

  • Does Droplette sell wholesale or have special pricing for professionals?

    Not yet, but we hope to do both in the near future. Please check back soon.



  • How do I use my Droplette Device?

    1. Make sure your device is charged. It will come with  a partial charge, and will blink yellow when turned on if the battery is low. Only charge your device when needed.

    2. Choose a serum capsule and give it a slight shake.

    3. Drop a capsule into the chamber with the ridge aligned with the groove, then use the door to  push it in all the way. You should hear a click.

    4. Hover the device’s white surface about a half inch from your skin with your head tilted back. The best position for the device’s mist is at a slight angle, with the white surface facing down.

    5. Turn on the device by pressing the ridge on the right hand side. Once on, make slow circles around your face.

    6. We recommend this order: right cheek to chin, left cheek to chin, and forehead. The device will run for three 15-second intervals.

    7. Run the device 1-2 more times over your neck and hands, to make sure you don’t have formula left in your capsule.

    8. Remove the capsule by pulling it out, and set it aside for recycling.

    For more information see our Welcome Guide

  • When do I use my Droplette?

    Droplette is a novel skincare device that infuses active ingredients deep into your skin, so use your device and the appropriate capsules as you would a serum, essence, or mask. In other words, we fit best in between cleansing and moisturizing/applying SPF. Please note that we recommend our Retinol capsules for evening use only.

  • How long does it take to use Droplette?

    It takes less than one minute per session. See our instructions for use for more information. 

  • How do I store my Droplette Device?

    For optimal storage, we recommend storing your Droplette device in a cool, dry atmosphere (ideally not a bathroom), and please only charge your device when needed.

  • How do I charge my Droplette Device?

    Your device will arrive partially charged, and will blink yellow when turned on if the battery is low. A fully charged device has an average battery life of 50-80 capsule cycles, so you don’t need to charge daily (and can even take it on the go without its charger).

    1.  Plug the cable into the cradle, and plug the other end of the charger into a wall outlet.*

    2. Place the device on the charging cradle. The device should rest seamlessly in the cradle with the narrow end of the device matching the narrow end of the cradle.

    3. The indicator light on your device will pulse green, indicating that your device is charging. If you do not see the pulsing green light, ensure that the charger is connected to an electrical outlet and that the device is placed properly in the charger.

    4. When your device is fully charged, the green indicator light will be solid green. 

    *The Droplette charger fits standard North American 120V wall outlets. Outside of North America, the Droplette charger operates from any 100-240V wall socket with a suitable plug adapter, not included.

    NOTE: It is normal for your device to feel warm to the touch after charging – it is safe.

    WARNING: Read all the safety information below before using wireless charger.

    •Only use power adapters provided by Droplette with the wireless charger

    •Keep the wireless charger and power adapter in a well-ventilated area when in use or charging

    •Do not use the wireless charger and power adapter in wet locations, such as near a sink, bathtub, or shower stall, and don’t connect or disconnect the power adapter with wet hands

    •Do not place foreign objects on the wireless charger, as they may become warm or interfere with charging

    •Do not use the power adapter if the enclosure, prongs or cable are damaged

    •Do not use the power adapter if it has been exposed to excessive moisture, or if liquid has spilled into the power adapter.

  • Do I need to charge my Droplette device 24 hours before my first use?

    It’s not necessary, as the device will come partially charged, but your first full charge will equate to approximately 80 capsule cycles. Look for the yellow LED light to blink when the device is on to know when you have a low battery.

  • Can I use Droplette around the eye area?

    While we don’t recommend spraying anything via Droplette directly into your eyes, yes, you can use your Droplette device around your eye area. If any irritation occurs, as is more likely with exfoliating ingredients such as our Glycolic capsule formula, stop use immediately and consult your dermatologist.

  • Can I use Droplette if I've had a cosmetic procedure such as Botox or hyaluronic acid treatments?

    Yes, although we recommend waiting 24 hours after these procedures to allow skin some recovery time in between.

  • Can I use Droplette if I have acne, eczema or other skin conditions?

    Yes, please just bear in mind that certain formulas may tingle more than others if lower layers of skin are exposed, such as with eczema.

  • How do I clean my Droplette?

    • Insert a cleaning capsule as you would a serum capsule

    • Point device towards the drain of your sink

    • Turn on the device and allow mist to spray into the sink

    • When the capsule is finished dispensing, the device will turn off on its own

    • Remove the capsule and set it aside for recycling

    It is recommended that you clean your device once per week with the Droplette cleaning capsules provided. The cleaning capsules are for the device only. Do not use on your skin. Do not submerge your device or hold under running water. Do not attempt to clean out your device with a Q-tip or other implement, as you may damage the inner components. We also recommend wiping down your device with a washcloth or makeup wipe.

  • Which facial cleansers can be used with Droplette?

    Please use any facial cleanser you like. Your choice of cleanser will not impact Droplette’s performance.

  • Which topical products should I keep using with Droplette?

    We still recommend an effective cleanser and moisturizer morning and night. For daytime, don’t forget SPF.

  • Can I use Droplette capsules with other serums and creams?

    Yes. As much as we would love to be your only skincare must-have, we know that you have other favorites. Droplette works best on clean skin, but feel free to apply other serums and creams after your Droplette infusion.

  • Can I use the capsules if I'm also taking Accutane?

    While we believe that most people can handle both simultaneously, we recommend double checking with your dermatologist.

  • Can I use Droplette if I'm pregnant?

    Yes, but we recommend holding off on the Retinol capsules until you are no longer pregnant or nursing.

  • Can I use several Droplette capsules within my daily regimen?

    Absolutely. Collagen is our favorite for both daytime and nighttime, and Retinol and Glycolic Acid are best used before bedtime. 

    If you would like to take the guesswork out of what to purchase and how to structure a routine, please look to one of our dermatologist-developed Regimens. Just choose the capsule set that fits your needs most accurately, and follow the continuous 2-week ‘rejuvenate-recovery’ program to see your desired results.

  • Is it required to use the app with the product?

    Our app is undergoing maintenance, so it is currently not available to download. Not to worry, your device is completely functional without the app!

  • How often should I charge my Droplette device?

    It depends how often you are using your device, but we recommend at least once every 1-2 weeks to make sure it’s ready to go when you are.

  • How do I use all three capsules together?

    Our favorite general routine starts with Collagen every morning, and then alternates Retinol and Glycolic every other evening. But for a crystal clear guide, check out our Regimens. These routines are dermatologist-developed on a rejuvenate-recovery cycle, to make sure you don’t overwhelm your skin with actives, but also to guarantee results.