Trio of Tranexamic Eraser Capsules closeup by Droplette

Smart skincare
is recyclable

Droplette capsules are made from the most recyclable plastic - HDPE

We use monodosing to increase the efficacy of our product and prevent active ingredient degradation, but to do so, we ensure our capsules are fully recyclable. Droplette is committed to sustainability and a zero-plastic future. On our way there we chose to make our capsules from the most common recycled plastic HDPE. The milk jugs and detergent bottles you already curbside recycle are very likely made of the same thing. We encourage all Droplette customers to check with your local municipality if HDPE accepted for recycling in your area.

Droplette device packaging stacked on top of each other on a white background. One box is open with a Droplette device inside

All Droplette packaging & shipping materials are 100% recyclable or compostable.

Compostable: Air Pillows, Bonus Pouches, Recycling Bags

Recyclable: Shipping Boxes, Capsule Boxes, Device Boxes + Inlays, Capsules, Technical + Welcome Guides

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Capsule Recycling Program

If your city or town does not recycle HDPE, we highly encourage taking advantage of our free recycling program

Just collect all used capsules in the pre-paid
 recycling bag provided with your order. Seal the bag up and send the capsules back back to us for free. We’ll make sure they're recycled properly! 

  • Droplette capsule icons


    Hold onto your empty capsules!

  • Droplette recycling bag icon that says "capsule recycling program"

    Pre-Paid Recycling Bag

    Collect all used capsules in the pre-paid
 recycling bag provided with your order.

  • Icon of truck in movement to indicate shipping


    Seal the bag up and send capsules back to Droplette 
for proper recycling. We’ll take it from here!

Sustainability is at the forefront of our packaging and operations decision-making, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Customers and vendors can reach out to Droplette at with questions or suggestions.