Smart Skincare

Enhance your routine with the Droplette App

Get access to our in-house estheticians to find the best products for your skincare goals and unlock targeted treatment modes to enhance how Droplette delivers your serum capsules to target concerns like blemishes, under eye bags, and more.

  • Connect

    Device settings, progress and support all in one place. It's like a dashboard for your skin.

  • Personalize

    Modes are powerful piezo and pump settings, optimized for skin treatments based on molecular weight and formulation viscosity.

  • Succeed

    Check-in matches users with our team of human estheticians to help guide their skin treatment journey and provide the support needed to achieve their skin health goals.

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  • Targeted Treatment Modes

    Treatment Modes unlock specific skin condition settings (ie: under-eye) for even deeper, more powerful treatments optimized for superior results.

  • Pain Free Plumping

    Delivered through Connected Droplette, 17-Volt Lip Plumper capsules, infuse beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen, the same ingredient in lip plumping injections, into your lips - pain-free, needle-free and non-permanently

  • Complimentary Consults

    The Droplette app provides direct 1-on-1 access to Droplette’s in-house licensed estheticians for questions about your routine, capsule recommendations and personalized skincare.

  • Real-time customer support

    Live-chat with our Customer Care team in real-time through our Help Center.

  • Early access to new features

    Get access to the latest app releases, including new Treatment Modes, before anyone else. We’re constantly updating our app with new features, so check back often.

  • Bluetooth Pairing

    The Droplet Micro-Infuser seamlessly paired via Bluetooth 5.0 with the Droplette mobile app provides access to optimized serum settings and connected skincare session tracking.