Droplette Device and Collagen Serum Capsules

Collagen Serum: Worth It At Last

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin, giving it strength and shape. If elastin and hyaluronic acid are the springs and stuffing of the mattress, think of collagen as the frame. Unfortunately, we lose collagen over time, and our body’s natural production of this protein slows significantly around age 25. The vital role that collagen plays in our skin’s appearance makes it understandable that we try to replenish our supply in any way we can.

The Buzz Over Collagen

When an ingredient is on the shelves of every store from Trader Joe’s to Neiman Marcus, in every format from lotions to ingestible powders, it’s obvious that society has a full-blown obsession. This is the case with collagen: a simultaneous source of buzz and skepticism, everyone seems to understand that it’s an important ingredient—but that products such as collagen serums that tout its amazing results might be a hoax.

Potential Benefits of Collagen Serum

Collagen is a major factor in keeping our skin looking youthful. Among other benefits, collagen has been shown to hydrate skin, helping it retain moisture for a smoother, plumper appearance. It is also known to support connective tissue, helping to improve elasticity and keep skin looking firm. But those benefits only work if it’s applied in a way that it can really get to where it needs to go—something that is difficult to achieve for many topical collagen serums or ingestible powders. 

Why Are Many Collagen Products Ineffective?

The problem is that collagen has a large molecular weight, so it’s difficult for it to be absorbed topically in serums and creams. And supplements aren’t much better: once it’s ingested, collagen breaks down into amino acids, and it is difficult for collagen to make its way to our skin when our major muscles and organs take priority. Overall, it’s an ingredient with a lot of potential, but with some obstacles to overcome for it to do its job effectively.

That’s why Droplette is such a game-changer.

Collagen Serum: Worth It, At Last

Collagen is an ingredient we know our skin needs, but gradually loses over time—so it’s no wonder the quest to replace it is all the rage. But its large molecular weight makes it difficult to absorb…until now. Droplette uses fluid physics to make collagen particles as tiny as possible, so at-home “injections” are suddenly achievable (no needle necessary).

How to Use Collagen Serum Effectively

The Droplette Micro-Infuser turns collagen serum into a micro-mist, shrinking the mist particles to their tiniest possible size. Therefore, it’s clinically proven to deliver collagen directly into the skin where plumping and structure are needed, which is a true breakthrough.

In the past, dermatologists could do the same with needles, but the required allergy tests and frequent replenishment doses made the treatment unsustainable (not to mention painful). One popular and effective option for collagen injections is to reinject your own collagen fibroblasts after expensive biopsies. The treatment is involved and costly. But Droplette’s at-home micro-infuser is bringing collagen skincare back, better than ever, as an over-the-counter option.

Collagen Treatment Before and After Pictures

The proof is in the results, as evidenced by these before and after images of a patient with a concave scar on his forehead. The instantly reduced appearance of his scar was achieved after a single Droplette treatment (0.5 mL of a collagen-water solution delivered over 30 seconds):

Droplette Collagen Serum Capsule Before and After Picture

The bottom line? Collagen is definitely worth using, but only when it’s delivered properly. Droplette surpasses topicals and ingestibles and harnesses collagen’s full potential by breaking it down to the tiniest particles possible. With Droplette’s micro-mist infusion technology, collagen can reach broad surface areas and penetrate more deeply, for consistent, effective treatment of aging skin. Finally, a revolutionary collagen treatment is in your hands.

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