Droplette Device and Growth Factors Capsules

Stem Cell Skincare in Anti-Aging


The desire to turn back time is as old as time itself, but most of us don’t truly understand the inner workings of the aging process.

Aging is caused by multiple factors, both external and genetic. Skin is the body's largest organ and the one that most obviously reflects the signs of aging. Your skin is constantly exposed to stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, and bacteria, all of which can trigger the immune response of skin cells, causing inflammatory reactions. 

When skin experiences these reactions repeatedly over time, it can cause skin cells to deteriorate or become dormant and lose their ability to function properly. These “defective” or inactive cells accumulate and actually secrete inflammatory molecules, leading to signs of skin aging such as lines, wrinkles, thinning, and loss of firmness. 

While aging is unavoidable, most of us would like to delay its progression. Achieving that goes way beyond the capabilities of traditional anti-aging topicals, so our team delved into the science of stem cell skincare.


Stem cells are the cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. (In other words, many different types of cells can “stem” from them.) They serve as a sort of internal repair system and have the ability to regenerate and heal organs and tissues, including skin.

According to recent studies, stem cells have remarkable potential for treating many diseases and playing a crucial role in anti-aging, which is why stem cell skincare has rightfully garnered lots of attention. 

Like any other cell, aging affects your stem cells’ ability to function properly, compromising their regenerative power by causing deterioration and dormancy. In fact, according to the “stem cell theory of aging,” the stem cells’ declining ability to replenish differentiated cells in tissues and organs is largely responsible for the aging process.  

At Droplette, we’ve taken traditional stem cell skincare to the next level by harnessing a key element in rebooting compromised stem cells: growth factors.


The paradox of aging is that even when we die, our bodies contain millions of stem cells that are capable of regeneration. The problem is that they are no longer receiving signals to function properly. That’s where growth factors come in.

Growth factors are superhero proteins made by our bodies that play an important role in regulating stem cell activity. They bind to the cell's surface receptors and provide “instructions” that activate dormant cells, reverse cell decline, and replace aging cells with new ones. 

Our growth factor levels begin to fall in our 20s, causing skin to look older because stem cells are no longer receiving clear signals to maintain skin health. Conversely, increasing growth factor levels causes skin to appear younger, and research has even shown that growth factors have the potential to increase collagen production. 

It’s no surprise that using growth factors in skincare is so intriguing and that they’ve become an important therapeutic option in anti-aging. However, they can’t do their job if they can’t get into your skin.


At most, only a tiny fraction of topically applied growth factors will penetrate the skin enough to have an anti-aging effect.  But with Droplette’s revolutionary micro-mist infusion technology, growth factors can penetrate deeper than ever, for truly impressive results.

Droplette’s new Growth Factors GF-01 Capsules are the industry’s first pharma-grade, active growth factor formulation, harvested from 100% healthy adult human mesenchymal cells that contain no non-native growth factors from plants or animals. 

Our Growth Factors capsules are more than just growth factors: the hero ingredient is “Conditioned Media” which contains thousands of molecules that all work together to repair your skin from within. Rejuvenating levels of growth factors and thousands of supporting nutrients, peptides, and exosomes in the skin “remind” stem cells to do their job like they used to. And, to keep all these molecules active and effective, our GF-01 capsules are shipped cold to your door, ready to be inserted into your Droplette device.

For a truly futuristic way to turn back the clock, unlock the power of growth factors with highly potent delivery exclusively from Droplette.

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