Cobalt Blue Droplette Device and iOS App Preview

The Connected Droplette Experience


When Droplette launched, its micro-mist infusion skincare technology took the industry by storm. And now, our breakthrough device has just broken more barriers with the debut of new Connected Droplette. 

This system pairs our upgraded device model with the Droplette mobile app to unleash the most powerful, deeply penetrating results yet, and lets you personalize your skincare routine with targeted treatment modes.


First, let’s provide a refresher on how Droplette works. Droplette’s unique skincare technology uses a combination of a vibrating piezo that turns fluids into a more easily absorbed micro-mist, and a pump that accelerates the mist at high velocity for deeper penetration.

The new Connected Droplette device has updated hardware with a higher voltage that gives your mist more muscle. Its internal design allows for more powerful delivery of the micro-mist in order to optimize the fluid physics phenomenon that drives Droplette.

To access this super-powered mist, you’ll need the Droplette mobile app, which connects to your device via Bluetooth. The new Connected Droplette device’s software features built-in Bluetooth 5.0, the latest, most stable version of Bluetooth for a seamless connection with your phone. (You can still use the app and access treatment modes with your original Droplette device, but the Bluetooth connection won’t be optimized.)

Speaking of blue, Connected Droplette comes in a brand-new color: a gorgeous cobalt blue that evokes serenity and stability.


When you download the Droplette mobile app, you’ll unlock exclusive access to targeted skincare modes that let you customize your routine.

Droplette treatment modes are powerful settings that optimize the delivery of our capsule formulations. They enable the device to adjust its voltage based on each serum formulation’s specific molecular weight and viscosity, allowing for even deeper penetration. 

With the Droplette skincare app, you’ll have access to the following modes, which deliver turbo-charged results within minutes:

Under Eye Mode: For use with Tranexamic Eraser capsules to diminish dark circles, or Collagen capsules to reduce puffiness

Blemish Mode: Supercharge your Retinol Renewer, Glycolic Illuminator, or Tranexamic Eraser capsules to target pesky blemishes, whether they're just starting to pop up or are in the process of healing

Anti-Aging Mode: For use with new GF-O1 Growth Factors capsules to fill fine lines and wrinkles 

Lip Mode: For use with new 17-Volt Lip Plumper capsules to hydrate and plump lips

When you switch from the default setting to any treatment mode, you’ll notice that the device’s vibration will be slightly louder and more powerful, so you’ll know your mist is maximized.


The Droplette skincare app does more than just modes. You’ll also have exclusive access skin experts who can guide you with personalized product recommendations based on your skin concerns and goals.

The app also lets you track your skin's progress by snapping daily photos and logging how it's doing, view your device’s battery life, stay up to date with the latest firmware, and manage your account settings. Plus, you’ll find tips and tricks for getting the most out of your device and get in-app access to our customer service team.


Whether you’re a seasoned Droplette devotee or new to our skincare technology, you’ll get the most out of your mist with the Connected Droplette system, pairing our upgraded device with the Droplette skincare app for powerful, targeted treatments and a personalized experience.

The Connected Droplette Micro-Infuser device is available now, and you can download the iOS and Android app by searching for “Droplette” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Discover how the world’s most advanced skincare system has outdone itself yet again with the new Connected Droplette.

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